Double sider 12″ including the bubblegum club track ”Let’s Make a Deal” by Linda “Babe” Majika, which was originally released on the rare ‘Don’t Treat Me So Bad’ lp in South-Africa, 1988. On the flip, you’ll find the deep late-night saxophone driven tune ”Step Out Of My Life” which includes Don Laka on the keyboard and is produced by Ray Phiri, who also founded the popular South African group ‘Stimela’. The song was originally released in 1989 and finally sees a reissue, pressed as a loud DJ-friendly 12-inch.

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South African disco double sider with tracks by the Street Kids from 1983! Holds the synth heavy low tempo ”Game no.”1 and on the flip the mid tempo ”Last Night You Moved Me”.

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Birthed at the turn of the ‘80s, synth and wave music has remained a constant force over the last four decades, with a recent spike in interest in the sound offering further proof of its’ timeless, out-of-this-world quality. It’s against this backdrop that Dutch DJ Interstellar Funk presents his celebration of the style, “Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth”.

A bumper compilation bristling with obscure and hard-to-find gems, the set sees the Artificial Dance label founder joining the dots between synthesizer and drum machine-driven tracks in a variety of subtly different styles. It’s the result of hundreds of hours spent digging through dusty old records, tapes, and the Bandcamp accounts of DIY musicians who have been active since the sound’s first boom in the early 1980s.

The 11-track set draws on tracks made and released at different times over the last 40 years, with the earliest cut committed to tape in 1978 and the most recent in 2018. While the tracks date from the ‘80s, ‘90s, noughties and 2010s, the showcased cuts are united by a primitive but futuristic quality that makes dating them difficult. In many cases, it’s hard to tell which tracks were made in the early 1980s and which were conjured up in 21st century studios.

As you’d expect, highlights are plentiful with a number of the most unknown or sought-after cuts appearing on vinyl for the first time. In this category you’ll find the Human League’s odd but inspired early number “4JG”, a near mythical 1982 live version of Liasons Dangereuses’ “Dias Cortas” (previously only available on a VHS video) and Chris and Cosey’s “Hybrid C”, a brilliant mid-’90s cut plucked from their CD-only album “Skimble Skamble”. You’ll also find a rare demo version of Clan of Xymox’s Dutch darkwave classic “Stranger”, which became a club smash across Europe in 1983.

Interstellar Funk has also chosen to showcase tracks by a range of DIY producers and lesser-known artists. These include Californian band Batang Frisco, who self-released a sole private press album in 1986 (their contribution, “Sewing Machine”, is dedicated to founder member Bill DiMichele, who passed away this year), Matthias Schuster’s Im Namen Des Volkes project – which contributes the previously unreleased 2014 track “Alles Ist Gewinn” – and Zahgurim, a short-lived early ‘80s act who reunited in 2018 to record their first new material since 1983.

If that wasn’t enough to set pulses racing, the compilation also showcases a solo track by sadly departed Psyche member Stephen Huss. Nobody is quite sure when Huss recorded “Infinity Sign”, but we can confirm this is the first time that one of his solo productions has ever appeared on vinyl.

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Superior Elevation’s Tom Noble debuts on our Store jams imprint with a loud 12″ two-tracker. The B-side get’s a heavy remix by Masalo. Out on January 24, 2020!

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A photo impression of the in-stores during the ADE mayhem 2019. 

Photos by Andy Tan

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*Limited gatefold edition of 500 copies, including bonus 7″ (Carlos Niño & Friends, Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti and WaH-ChU-KU)*

Rush Hour announces their second artist compilation Patchwork, curated by one of the label’s most loved family members, Sassy J. The Swiss DJ is the very embodiment of passion and long-standing dedication to the craft of the DJing, but also to the community surrounding the music that she lives and breathes. For the past fourteen years Sassy J has run the Patchwork night in her native Bern and in London, with guests ranging from Theo Parrish and Little Dragon to Floating Points and MF Doom invited to share their respective musical visions. Her collaborative approach stands out in a DJ world that is too often weighted in favour of promoting the individual. This compilation grows out that unique sensitivity, foregrounding a theory of curation that centres on long-term bonds, articulated through Sassy J’s personal relationships with the contributing artists.

Patchwork speaks to the grass roots values that Sassy J espouses, showcasing music by many of the artists that have joined her throughout the years in clubs, on the radio, and at home. It is an expression of Sassy J’s individual musical path that casts its gaze firmly in the future: Patchwork is made up almost entirely of new and unreleased songs that are exclusive to this collection. Patchwork captures a sound that has continued to evolve in its restless search for new musical directions. Across thirteen tracks we find forward thinking electronic music rubbing elbows with cosmic jazz and deep percussion workouts from Brazil and beyond.

There are irresistible calls to the dancefloor: 2000 Black’s UK boogie and the syncopated rhythms of WaH-chU-kU nod to the West London sound, whilst the early rave of Nu Era and Aardvarck’s sub-rattling techno channel the grittier edges of the club experience. We find machine music imbued with humanity in Larry Heard’s deep house classic “Survivor” and in Ron Trent’s WARM project, whose gentle breeze points to a different side of the legendary producer. Patchwork also opens a more immersive listening space in which the radical indie soul of Georgia Anne Muldrow, the ambient spiritual jazz of bandleader Carlos Niño & Friends, and the lament for the Amazon rainforest by Azymuth’s drummer Ivan Conti can channel the overall spirit of group interplay and solidarity. Patchwork also includes Sassy J’s collaboration with veteran producer Alex Attias, marking her own place in a universe that is held together by her singular thread.

“This is the compilation of the year!” – DJ Spinna


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After a hiatus, we’re back with the sixth episode of House Of Music! Rush Hour’s non-periodical fanzine… ⁣⁣
All kinds of music reach our ears every day, but a lot of times we don’t really understand what it is we’re actually listening to. HOM contextualizes only some of our highlights. The sixth issue holds interviews with Wally Badarou, Kamma & Masalo, John Gomez and D.C.’s Beautiful Swimmers. Sassy J sums up 14 of her favorite records and we get a look inside the astonishing analog Willen Twee Studios & the Analogue Foundation. And more! ⁣⁣
When placing an order at RH store, you can add a copy of this magazine for free! Or grab yours at your favorite record store worldwide.⁣⁣⁣


House Of Music #6

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Arp Frique returns with a brand new release on his imprint Colorful World Records in collaboration with Rush Hour. A compilation of 12 Cape Verdean gems assembled with the help and knowledge of Americo Brito, there is a very special story behind it. Americo Brito, who
features on Arp Frique’s original Nos Magia, is a proud and important member of the Cape Verdean community in Rotterdam. His story reveals the historical connections between radio, vinyl, Cabo Verde and Rotterdam’s international music scene in the 70s and 80s.


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artwork ADE 19

This year’s ADE, we are teaming up with the Rainbow Disco Crew from Tokyo!
Stoked to be back at @Shelteramsterdam on Thursday, October the 17th.

Danny Krivit
Jayda G
Wata Igarashi b2b Sandrien


Join the dance!


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Many thanks to all the dancers who all came down during the Rush Hour X Detroit love party at Offsonar 2019. ⁣
From Insanlar’s beautiful opening to Hunee & Antal closing down in style, we’re still buzzed by all the artists and people who came and celebrated music with us. ⁣
Thanks again, hope to see you soon!

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Antal Heitlager, co-founder of Rush Hour Music and the now-defunct Kindred Spirits label (2002-2015) is visiting Los Angeles during a USA dj tour.
One day before the LA event we are hosting a Rush Hour X Rappcats popup store showcasing 1000+ records from the Rush Hour distribution wing including EU labels like Music From Memory, Stroom, Dekmantel, Afrosynth, Safe Trip, Art Yard, La Casa Tropical and more.

From electronic music to jazz, Rush Hour’s sound is hard to pin down and everybody can find something in it they like.During travels Antal picks up the occasional vintage records and about 100+ of these will be sold during the event as well.

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This player previews Insanlar’s epic 45-minute shamanistic techno folk song, split over two sides.  Due out this Spring!

VINYL (shop/distribution)

Insanlar returns with an epic 45 minute shamanistic techno folk song, split over two sides. With ‘Demedim Mi’, the Istanbul born group ft. the renowned DJ Baris K and multi-instrumentalist Cem Yıldız, offer another off-kilter journey through deep, esoteric Turkish electronic music.

Insanlar means humankind. Their techno folk hybrid is rooted firmly in Anatolian/Alewi religious poetry, their energetic, almost punkish attitude has created a mystic following around the bands early shows. Insanlar’s first release catapulted them on to the international stage, where their idiosyncratic mixture of traditional Anatolian/Mesopotamian instrumentation, electronic music and spiritual/philosophical lyrics continue to captivate festival audiences.

The musical excursions of the group go into uncharted territories rather than towards an end goal, melting traditional songs in their music as divine inspiration, while entering places one didn’t know existed. Insanlar’s recorded version of ‘Demedim Mi’ was initially meant to become a traditional Alewi ‘deyiş’ song, with lyrics. However, this session resulted in a long magical instrumental folk hymn, that is surprising and captivating at the same time.

1. Demedim Me (Part 1)
2. Demedim Me (Part 2)

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