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This player previews Hunee – Hunchin’ All Night (RHMC 001). Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dance floor cuts from the 70ties till modern times. Due out worldwide on April 9th, 2018 as a 3LP (+ download code) release, a CD and in digital formats.

Going from afro to disco to techno, “Hunchin’ All Night” holds a wide spectrum of songs,  by the wonderful Boncana Maïga, Pat Thomas, Black Beat Niks, Kenny Larkin,Larry Heard, Mappa Mundi and many more.

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1. Carlos Maria – Blu Terra
2. Aby Ngana Diop – Michael Ozone’s Liital Rhythm
3. Boncana Maïga – Komya Hondo
4. Stanislas Tohon – Owhaaou ! (Raphael Top-Secret Edit)
5. Don Laka – Stages
6. Blak Beat Niks – Ritual Of Love (Ron’s Vocal Beat Down Mix)
7. Larry Heard – Burning 4 You
8. Villa Abo – Made On Coffee & Wine
9. Mappa Mundi – Trance Fusion (Hunee Tempo Edit)
10. Pat Thomas – Yesu San Bra: Disco Hi-Life
11. African Futurism – Akal Akal
12. Dark Comedy – Without A Sound (Long ”White Label” Version)


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We already know that Antal met Vincent Floyd in Chicago last March. Since he is a longtime fan of Floyd’s work, he asked for unreleased music.  It turned out that Floyd had enough material, and he selected some of the finest to compile an EP.

Of course Antal wanted to find out more about the man behind the music, so he asked him some questions. This is just a tease, the complete interview will be published in our next House Of Music magazine.

How would you describe Chicago in the 80ties and 90ties? And how did that influence you musically?
During the 80’s, rap and house music were both growing in popularity.  There seemed to be more of a house scene in Chicago during the 80’s, rap caught up in the 90’s.  I was sort of a low key house head so that was my thing. I spent a great deal of time working in promotions;  going to clubs and interacting with different people influenced my music.

Who are the artists in Chicago that you felt closely related to?
I grew up with Armando Gallop, he lived across the street when I was a child, and we were together a lot until he passed in 1996 from leukemia. He was a DJ, I learned most things about house music, house music artists, and event promotion from him. I was inspired musically by Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers. I played keyboard with Larry on some of his tour dates when he was signed to MCA; his recordings are classic. And Chan, who did the vocals for ‘Your Eyes’, is Dwayne Chandler. like Armando, is a childhood friend who lived next door to me when we grew up. He is an awesome singer.

How did your first house productions come about?
Armando was a house producer as well. When we were in high school, he bought a Roland TB-303 groove machine and a TR-707 drum machine. We programmed a lot of tracks in his basement.  I later purchased Roland and Yamaha drum machines and keyboards and started to recording songs. I had been recording R&B songs as well as dance music. Armando had released “Land of Confusion” and introduced me to Ray Barney at Dance Mania.


Vincent Floyd – ‘Your Eyes/I’m So Deep’ (RH RSS 10) is available at our store and distribution

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