Phone call with Rheji Burrell

Celebrating the highly anticipated release of  “The Burrell Brothers – Nu Groove Years” part 1 and the upcoming part 2, we had the pleasure to go down memory lane with Rheji Burrell, one half of the legendary Burrell Brothers from New Jersey. He gives some interesting and surprising insights into the daily business at Nu Groove Records and also the early 1990’s New York House scene.

Rush Hour: Hey Rheji, I have read that you got into house music through teaching Kung Fu? Can you  explain a little about that?

Rheji Burrell: Yeah absolutely, i still do. I have a couple of classes today. It’s not my own school but I’m going to set up my own school at one point. So, where I used to teach, at the university, next to the campus, there was a DJ called be B-Free. He was a satellite DJ for the local radio station in New York where Timmy Regisford (I don’t know if you know who that is) was spinning house music and Vernon Freeland was a student there. So like every beginning DJ idolizes a certain DJ, Vernon sort off spun the same records as Timmy. So when they came through university on Thursday they would have a place where kids gather and play records, it was called the Pub. Which was actually a cafe where they would put the tables back and had a pretty big dancefloor. >> READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE