RH Weekender | Introducing Soul In The Hole’s Lee Collins

Lee Collins and Frankie KnucklesLee Collins & Frankie Knuckles (Sound Factory, 1991). Photo courtesy of Ron Trent From his upcoming Prescription Word, Sound & Power anthology boxset. 

Ron Trent’s cousin Lee Collins must have had a great impact on the Prescription main man. In the early days of house music, Collins was one of the DJs that gleamed in the legendary Music Box’ DJ-booth. The Windy City super jock learned his craft first hand from DJs such as Andre Hatchett, Frankie Knuckles, Farley Keith and Robert Owens. Soon, the Chicagoan developed the kind of progressive funky soul sound that he is known for today. We’re overjoyed to have Collins as our guest on the Rush hour Weekender’s Sunday. Few tickets are still available

Disco Madness
Collins became an influential taste maker, via his „Disco Madness” radioshow which he started in the early eighties for example. According to ratings, by 1985, “Disco Madness” was rivaling WBMX’s legendary „Hot Mix Five” radioshow. In 1986, Robert Williams, owner of the Music Box, opened Fridays at the club for Lee to do a sequence of “Disco Madness” parties.

Soul In The Hole
Later, Lee Collins teamed up with Sadar Bahar and Russoul and formed a production company called “Soul in the Hole”. Again, years later, the first BBE compilation introduced their exciting adventurous musical taste to a wider audience. On the Rush Hour Weekender’s Sinday, the two veterans Bahar and Collins team up for the very first time in Amsterdam to share more underplayed funk, jazz and soul infused disco and house music with the dancefloor.