RH Weekender | 4Hero legend Dego and his 2000Black family live

degoIt is hard to express how excited we are to have living legend Dego as our guest on the Weekender’s Friday. Dego’s 2000Black band bless us with a performance, playing their unique electronic jazz and future boogie grooves live. Tickets are available!

After absorbing a lifetime’s worth of soul, reggae and hip-hop growing up in North-West London, the veteran composer of electronic music alway injected London’s burgeoning underground music scene with new ideas, resulting in a variety of groundbreaking music styles and grooves. A little introduction to Dego’s legacy below!

4Hero and drum & bass
In the late eigties, not long after Reinforced was found by 4Hero, Dego jumped on the bandwagon and became a member of both the group and label. 4Hero were among the first proponents of what would become known as drum & bass, which began to grow in profile via a series of releases on their imprint. In the mid nineties 4Hero wrote the code for drum&bass figurehead Goldie, resulting in Goldie’s iconic “Timeless” album.

Warp Records
4Hero’s “Combat Dancin’” EP (1990) underpinned the sub-bass pressure of the bleep ‘n’ bass artists associated with Sheffield’s Warp Records, such as LFO and Nightmares on Wax, with mid-tempo hip-hop-style breakbeats.

The 2000Black collective established in 1998 by 4Hero’s Dego, was named after a 1975 Roy Ayers’ recording. Inspired by its lyrics ‘Think About the Future, Think About Think About, Change’, the label and band formed a platform where any genre of music rooted in ‘the groove’ would be displayed.

As a result, many contrasting songs were released such as Pariss Clemons’ (r.i.p.) ‘Black Mary’ to Seiji’s ‘Run’, Bembe Segue’s ‘Take Me To Tomorrow’ to Capitol A’s ‘Doing It Up’. With all this variance one thread of continuity remained—the funk and the soul.