Rush Hour in Japan | A conversation with Club Air, Tokyo


After touring in Europe, it is time for Rush Hour to join Soichi Terada in Japan. Antal, Soichi and Hunee are heading over to Tokyo for a Rush Hour night at Club Air this Tuesday. In anticipation of the night, we spoke to director Yuya Yonezawa, who has been involved in Air from the start.

Can you please introduce Club AIR, what it offers the Tokyo clubbing scene?
The role of Air in Tokyo club scene… it must be different for each person.
We’ve been trying to express our ideas and music, trying out what we could do with the size of the club in the particular area we’re in. Air has room for 500 people and the club is located in busy Shibuya, but then in a quiet area. We’ve programmed a very wide range of music and culture, going from more mainstream to underground artists.


Every club has its own spirit, how would you describe the character of Air?
It depends on the DJs or parties on the night, but the crowd is mostly really into music, and that varies from house to techno, jazz to hip hop. Sometimes Japanese pop artists have played here, so that attracts more of the hipsters, fashion conscious people, and we have Otaku people too. Obviously, EDM and top 40 kind of major dance music is really big in Tokyo too, but we don’t do EDM parties so often, so we haven’t got those young kids who like EDM. There are many clubs in Tokyo but in fact, not so many big clubs are hosting house or techno events these days, that’s one of the reason that people who like to dance to house/techno come to our club.

There used to be a dancing ban in Japan, how did that affect Air?
We don’t know if this is the hardest time for us or not, we’ve been doing this business for 14 years under the “Fueiho”, that’s the entertainment business control law. What we always have to be aware of is not to cause trouble, not to bother neighbors.


This is not the first time you have Rush Hour artists over at Air, how were these nights for you guys?
Tom Trago and San Proper were our guests before, that was really nice, I think they really enjoyed the time at Air. Especially Tom came to dance with his friends during his Tokyo stay, they really love music… San was in Japan for the Rainbow Disco Club festival and helped us here by replacing Frank Wiedemann from Ame. Everyone got drunk with him on that night, it was a very fun night. We’re looking forward to having Antal, Soichi Terada and Hunee over!

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