Evolved… We can smell it in the air, we can feel it in the ear-drum. This is us…
Oh yes, we’re still eager, hungry and on the hunt, but we’ve manifested, haven’t we?
We see it everywhere, that passion for House and Techno and everything related… That groove, that spell, them girls and moves.
That love and devotion stands for culture. Our culture, and yes;
We took the liberty to call it Proper’s Culture… for now,
then allow us to present PROPER’S CULT,
an indie record-label preserving the genre “Dusty House” which celebrates this vivid music-culture.

Henceforth… to set the tone… to get you in the mood… Proper’s Cult & Rush Hour present a series of presents to embrace and emphasize this culture, before they’ll drop the upcoming first release.

Check this link for some outstanding ad-lib candid eye-candy of San Proper’s track “Deja Vu”, the last track of his album “Animal” released June last year.
Yes, it’s the dawning of a new era…

Presented with pride: San Proper’s “DEJA VU” by Irwin Barbe & Louise Hernandez.