Soichi Terada

Hunee compiles Soichi Terada’s works for the fascinating album ‘Sounds From The Far East’. This LP features highly sought after material by the legendary Japanese house producer.

Soichi Terada is an adventurous multitalent and over all a good sport. He was born in the sixties, and as a child he loved to play on his fathers’ electric organ. Terada majored in Computer Science and Electric Organ and after he graduated, he founded his Far East Recording in 1989, because he couldn’t find a label for his compositions at that time.

The sound of Far East Recording is very much inspired by early nineties US deep house. Soichi Terada went out to parties in the late eighties, were he was equally influenced by house and hip-hop. A few years later, Terada took on producing music by using digital sampling. In the early nineties he occasionally DJ-ed with a DAT player and some reel tapes, instead of using records and turntables.

‘Sounds From The Far East’ shines new light on Soichi Terada’s label and consists of material that was originally released in the early nineties. Next to Terada’s music, Hunee also selected a few tracks by fellow artist Shinichiro Yokota for this compilation, as well as ‘Sun Showered’, based on the incredible Paradise Garage gem called ‘Sunshower’, by Terada and Nami Shimada.



01. Soichi Terada – Saturday Love Sunday
02. Shinichiro Yokota – Do It Again
03. Soichi Terada – Sun Showered
04. Soichi Terada & Manabu Nagayama – Low Tension (Alternative Version)
05. Soichi Terada – Hohai Beats
06. Soichi Terada – Good Morning
07. Soichi Terada – CPM
08. Soichi Terada – Rising Sun Up
09. Shinichiro Yokota – Shake Yours
10. Soichi Terada – Voices From Beyond
11. Soichi Terada – Purple Haze (Edit)
12. Soichi Terada – Binary Rondo
13. Soichi Terada – Into Desert


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Dutch techno representative Steve Rachmad mixed up his 10 favorite Kenny Larkin classics for a special occasion! In 2015 Rush Hour will repress the label’s Kenny Larkin catalogue.


Rush Hour co-operated with Kenny Larkin/Art Of Dance in ’05/’06, and released a collection of highlights from Kenny Larkin’s 1991 to 1997 period, including the stand out tracks Azimuth and Metaphor for instance.

These 12’s have been out of print for years and will be available again!


Since their start, both artists have had great influence on the techno genre and in their carreers their paths crossed several times. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Steve Rachmad has been integral to the development of the scene in his native Netherlands. Detroit’s Kenny Larkin began producing in the early nineties, influenced by Juan Atkins and Derrick May, as well as the Chicago house music scene and has produced many techno classics.


Kenny Larkin’s music on Rush Hour is released in a series of 6 separate 12″s; A-F. Purchase via the links below:




Set for re-release January 2015





Will be re-released somewhere in 2015

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Rush Hour are overjoyed to repress Sumy’s complete “Tryin To Survive” album! Limited to 500 copies!

With an estimate of 500.000 inhabitants Surinam has a lively music scene. Although Surinam is a relatively unknown country, it has a strong influence on the Netherlands, where many Surinamese people live. The music from the Surinam is mainly known for it’s kaseko (which evolved out of the traditional kawina music) and soul music, but the Surinamese have also been active in other genres such as pop, funk & jazz.

Between 1976 and 1983, Surinam had a lively soul scene, and the output varied from eccentric Surinam soul tracks to more uptempo disco and boogie cross-overs. Nowadays, these tracks are becoming increasingly rare and hard to find.

Kindred Spirit’s “Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dancefloor ’76 – ‘83” gave us a proper introduction to these hidden gems and included “Soul With Milk” from Sumy’s LP “Tryin To Survive”. Rush Hour now continues this uncovering mission by making this complete eighties boogie and disco-funk album available again to a wider audience.

“Tryin To Survive” is quite one of a kind. Expect a-typical pounding rhythms, striking guitars, stabbing keyboards and synths and bursts of harmonies combine. “May Allah and the invisible god of Sumy repay my dues, for all beings are in me, but I am not in them. Ayathola Sumy! I did my best to create this product with the ones who believe in me”, the creator commented.

After “Trying To Survive”, the digging efforts continue… More Surinamese funk tracks will hit the surface, as we dig deeper in the vaults. Another “Surinam!” compilation is currently in the making, and will be released somewhere in 2015…



Release date will follow soon

More info + pre-order:



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The Chicagoans team up for another release! The ones who know Mutant Beat Dance, know they are out to push music into a different realm every time they collaborate. Together they are taking us to unknown districts again, with their exciting eccentric production work. The Mutants call it Jakbeat, inspired by the early days of house music. Heavy dance floor stuff, that needs to be played on heavy sound systems…

Mutant Beat Dance – PolyfonikDizko is set for release early December.

Limited to 450 copies, with beautiful hand made silkscreen covers by Ruben Verkuylen. 

Pre-order Mutant Beat Dance – PolyfonikDizko via:


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Compiled by Hunee, ‘Sounds from the Far East’ features eccentric and highly sought after material by legendary Japanese house producer Soichi Terada and fellow producer Shinichiro Yokota!

Soichi Terada is an adventurous music multi-talent and over all a good sport. Born in the Sixties, Terada majored in computer science and electronic organ; not being able to find a label for his eccentric compositions, he founded Far East Recording soon after his graduation, in 1989.

“Sounds From The Far East” shines new light on Soichi Terada’s label and work, and consists of material that was originally released in the early Nineties. Next to Terada’s music, Hunee also selected a few tracks by fellow artist Shinichiro Yokota, included in this compilation, and the incredible Paradise Garage gem that is ‘Sunshower’, by Terada and Nami Shimada.




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The truly deadly album from Terrence Dixon on Rush Hour Music is out! Under the Population One codename, Detroit citizen, Terrence Dixon, has realised some of his most vivid, esoteric portals to the Motor City mindset. ‘Theater Of A Confused Mind’ is Dixon’s 2nd album in this mode and marks a timely return to Rush Hour twenty years after his debut album, ‘Unknown Black Shapes’, and the ‘Hippnotic Culture’ 2LP, whose ‘Rush Hour’ track inspired our company’s name.

In both the literal and figurative sense of the album’s title – theatre as a space for performance or an operating table, and equally in terms of psychogeography – ‘Theater Of A Confused Mind’ plays out an affected Afro-futurist narrative over eight tracks of haunting and furtive sci-fi techno. It’s riddled with cryptic connotation, systemic from the track titles to its deft, subtle mix down, all drawing upon the city’s emotions, industrial architectures and post-industrial panoramas to better express it’s sense of soul.

Between opener ‘Out Of Control’, where Dixon is the voice-in-Detroit’s-head, a dark interpreter on a dérive whispering to
himself “Detroit, Out of Control/As I Walk Through The Mists Of Detroit/And You Don’t Know What We Be”, and through to the mind-blowing sci-fi projections of closer ‘All Of A Sudden’, it renders a unique perception of Detroit’s enduring export. Tracing circuitry like grid-iron avenues, Dixon deviates down back alleys, through warehouses and across mental space, divining the ghosts of jazz in the coiled double bass of ‘For Only You’, or long lost SOS transmissions in the tribal patterns of ‘Code Urgent’, whilst the prickling electro of ‘Battle For Space’ condenses that fractured flux at the album’s core, and the kaotic harmonies of ‘My Own Shadow’ encapsulate a Kafkaseque sense of raving paranoia.

In light of recent news that Terrence is set to retire from making music, the already incredible ‘Theater Of A Confused Mind’ is imparted with an ever more impending sense of gravity. It’s little short of Population One’s magnum opus, and should be treated with due respect.


Population One – Theater Of A Confused Mind (RHM 013)
1. Out Of Control 
2. Code Urgent 
3. For Only You 
4. Battle For Space 
5. Inner City Circus 
6. All Together 
7. My Own Shadow 
8. All Of A Sudden

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We are proud to present the long awaited second (and last) part of Rick Wilhite’s Vibes 2 compilation. A follow up to the first LP, released last May, part 2 is out now and available in record stores worldwide. The CD version is set for release on September 8th, and will feature a selection of tracks taken from the vinyl compilations.

We already spoke to Wilhite in occasion of the release of the first LP, and we met him again during Dekmantel festival – capturing his vibe in this short video… Enjoy!


Purchase VIBES 2 via the following links:

2 LPs + CD


Join us at the Vibes 2 release party! Somewhere In Amsterdam, 28th September, ft. Rick Wilhite, Jovonn (NYC) and Specter (Chicago) + friends.

Upcoming Rush Hour nights ft. Rick Wilhite:

26 Sep 2014, Rush Hour Records Take Over @ Village Underground – London

27 Sep 2014, Rush Hour Label Night @ Panorama Bar – Berlin


Director: Bernie van Vlijmen
Story: Mijke Hurkx
Camera: Fabio de Frel
Edit: Bernie van Vlijmen
Sound mix: Jesse Koolhaas
Color grading: Kevin van Kleef
Production: Mijke Hurkx

Thanks to: and Dekmantel festival


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In September Terrence Dixon will release his new Population One album on Rush Hour Music (RHM 013). More info will follow soon…

Find track previews via our shop and distribution channels

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We’re proud to present Rick Wilhite’s second Vibes New & Rare Music compilation on Rush Hour. Named after the Detroit house legend’s renowned (and now unfortunately closed) record store, Vibes 2 features material by some of the most promising and established producers from Detroit, Chicago and NY. Part 1 of Vibes 2 has been recently released, and the second LP will be out late August.


For more information and pre-order, pls click here


Vibes 2 part 1 is available at our


Vibes 2 will also be released on CD
For more information and pre-order, pls click here 


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The utterly brilliant VHS mangling/guitar looping Torn Hawk descends on Rush Hour distribution’s No ‘Label’ with a double 7″ release ‘Quadrifolio’. Four sides of hazy genius with interchangeable artwork on four glossy inserts … a special release!

Short after Torn Hawk’s Quadrifolio, distribution continues by putting out two brilliant Design A Wave EPs. What do an alien balancing on one of it’ s three legs, the RSA encryption algorithm, neuroscience and prehistoric musical instruments have in common? Design A Wave isn’t sure either but this is some music made while trying to find that out.


Check this Quadrifolio video and pump it up:

Torn Hawk – Quadrifolio is available now:

Purchase via the shop
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The two Design A Wave limited edition EPs with beautiful Cosmo Knex artwork…

Design A Wave – EP 1 and 2 are available now:

Design A Wave – EP 1 – A.R.M. I

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Design A Wave – EP 2 – A.R.M. II

Purchase via the shop
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Rick Wilhite delivers the second Vibes New & Rare Music compilation on Rush Hour. As a DJ and promoter Wilhite has been holding it down for over twenty years and his Vibes New & Rare record store has been a main source in Detroit for soulful electronic music. Despite of the fact that the store closed, The Godfather keeps delivering quality music through his own music, compilations and DJ sets.

The Vibes New & Rare music compilation, in particular, is a compilation that only features music that Rick Wilhite thinks is really speaking for the artists. After releasing Vibes 1 in 2010, Wilhite offers the sequel. Vibes 2 includes pioneers and new talents from New York, Chicago and Detroit. We asked Wilhite about his selection, about Vibes and the Detroit music scene.

How did this compilation arise?
The compilation itself represents Vibes and the people that represented the store. People like label artists who bought records. The cuts I have selected for the compilation are not available anywhere else. Some of the cuts were given to me personally, for me to keep. Or to give it a head nod. Like, yes this could go out. I got some of the other cuts from personal friends, to represent the vibe. Each cut on the compilation has the representation of who the artist is and what he really likes to put out.

Moodymann, Jovonn, K-Alexi just to name a few… Vibes – New & Rare music features a lot of classic artists, but also new, upcoming names. Can you introduce us to a new talent whose track you have selected?
Yes, I like to tell something about Jon Easly from Detroit. He wrote Lemon Lime and gave it to me a while ago. Easley is an artist that wanted to put out music for a long time, he has been a DJ for decades. I’ve put out one of his tracks on an earlier compilation, but this particular track I specifically wanted to be on Vibes, because I feel that this really represents him and the style of music he wants to do. The same for the K-Alexi track, called Head Banger. I’ve had it for a while… I didn’t want to put it on other compilations. You see… the Vibes compilation is something different. The music fits the artist, that’s most important. This K-Alexi is more of his deeper inner soul compared to the stuff that he has put out lately. True K-Alexi style… Vintage style I would say haha.

You have been around for a long time. If you compare today’s music scene in Detroit to the scene when you started, what has mostly changed?
We always involve in different things… But in the end we just do what we do. There are different types of things we get into. There are a lot of big birthday parties around here that we are used to play at. Well, talking about parties, the techno side of it might dwindle a little bit, but on the house end and any other type of music, it’s going strong. Every week, in the middle of the week as well, there are private parties given. That is what Detroit is about. There is always somebody giving something you wanna go to. Every week.

Detroit. The city that represents artists that have been doing their thing consistently from the very beginning, and are still going strong after so many years. How is that possible?
Yeah, most of our artists and labels have maintained the same groove. Talking about labels like Sound Signature, Mahogany, Unirhythm, Moods & Grooves, for instance, keep going.  And Transmat, they are putting out new stuff again. I saw the Karim Sahraoui release, that is a really nice release for Transmat, to respark what they were known for. A good release that I believe will make a lot of noise. Just the fact that we try to promote the music as well here in the city, more so than relying on magazines or different websites in order to promote or market, we try to give free parties or release parties. It’s like, having your people come together for the music in your city is different than doing it in other cities.  We just take our cars and drive down the street, you know… hahaha.

Rick Wilhite at his Vibes record store

Could you tell us a bit more about Vibes? For instance, could you give an example of how you and your store contributed to the music scene in Detroit?
I think I’ve been a reliable source to unknown music. Any type of electronic music. Hip-hop as well. It is unknown and the main key to promoting new music is that you need to have the right curator. It is impossible to have everything at your record store. So the selection tells what you represent. There is so much to discover, but a lot pleople just like to be advised. The more knowledge you have of the music in your store, the more business you get from people who trust you. I think it was just a place where people could meet. I had four different stores, I started out big and became smaller, I cut down on a lot of genres. I could have had a big store, but it is hard. So I decided to limit it to very rare stuff, little copies, but absolute must haves.

Since Vibes closed its doors, you continued to select music, now for your compilations… Have you thought of opening another record shop in the near future?
Ahh, I think about it every day… Because of legal issues I had to close, it wasn’t my choice. The building was closing. If I restart again I woundn’t do it alone anymore… So there is always a possibility it might happen again.

Purchase ‘Vibes New & Rare Music Part 1′ at Rush Hour   
Also available on iTunes  and on Amazon

Pre-order ‘Vibes New & Rare Music Part 2′ at Rush Hour


VIBES 2 prt 1 2*LP


VIBES 2 prt 2 2*LP







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Full reissue of the classic track ‘On & On’ by Jesse  Saunders, considered by many as the first house track. Backed with the original rhythm tracks!

This month we will be releasing a reissue of the classic track “On & On” (1984) by Jesse Saunders.
Some consider this might be one of the first house tracks ever made. The suite of drum tracks he created – raw, analogue rhythms, full of repetitive synthesized handclaps and cowbells – became a staple in his sets, through his use of the drum machine (the TR 808) at the Playground. Inadvertently, they also became the blueprint for house music as we know it today.

On its release in January 1984, “On and On” would become a huge hit on the Chicago
scene, inspiring other local DJs and musicians to make their own house music. Listen
carefully to many early house records, and you can still hear the influence of Saunders’ brutal “808” programming. Back in 2013, remastered by Saunders from the original master tapes, this 12” includes all the tracks from the Je-Say release – including the drum tracks that changed the course of musical history.
Now, thanks to the remaster, they’re sounding more powerful than ever.


Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) (Berlin) wrote:
“so much better to hear this in this quality, makes it even more timeless, awesome…thanks for the great re-issue!”


DJ SNEAK wrote:
“amazing classics. bless house music forever.”


Trus’Me (TrusMe) (Manchester) wrote:
“Solid x 6  for each track.”


Dj Simbad wrote:

“Drum Machine House Heaven  thnx for re-issuing this !!”

Pre Order your copy at your favorite mail order!

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