When Traxx is playing in Amsterdam, he usually pops by the store to dig for some records. Not so long ago, just before he played at Doka, a club here in Amsterdam, he ran into this very rare Liquid Liquid copy called Successive Reflexes on 99 RecordsWe are always up for sharing artists their inspiring stories about records on this page, so you can imagine that we really liked to ask mr. Melvin Oliphant III for his. He promised to play it that night and he kept his promise by playing it next to a gazillion other luminous records… What a night!

And the cherry on top… his set was recorded and shared online….

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Under his Awanto 3 guise, Steven van Hulle has long been considered a producer with immense potential. Now, he’s finally delivered on that promise with Opel Mantra, his stunning debut album.





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Tom TragoIn the House Of Music magazine, Tom Trago talked about his mission to put particularly Dutch artists on the map, ‘because there’s enough talent walking around here’.  What will his label Voyage Direct bring these Dutch in 2014? We asked Tom Trago, and a few short answers to a few questions give a slight introduction.

What more can we expect in 2014?
“Next to the Voyage Direct label nights at Trouw in Amsterdam, we are starting some international label nights. Traveling so much and playing all of these parties is a great way to share the music coming from Amsterdam.”

In 2013 you have released Interstellar Funk his debut, can you give a sneak on the releases on the roll for 2014?
“I am very glad we can work with Bear Damen, Boris Werner, Elias Mazian, and San Proper. Also label veterans like Maxi Mill, Overlast, and myself will continue to release on Voyage Direct.”

We have  to be absolutely on the lookout for…
“…the ambient remix that Maxi Mill did for William Kouam Djoko, a beautiful piece of music – out soon on Voyage Direct.”

Voyage Direct website





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Jonas Frederiksen - ToekomstjeRush Hour distribution’s No ‘ Label ‘  imprint has had a really productive year full of diverse and very well received releases.  When it comes to 2014, ‘there is no ‘schedule’ as such but keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of tasty items in all sizes from some you know, and some you don’t’.

We asked the busy distribution crew how the Black Deer and Jonas Frederiksen records came about.  Interesting as it was Willie Burns’  debut release under the Black Deer moniker (he’s gone on to do releases on L.I.E.S., Peak Oil and Emotional Response), and we wondered how the heck they stumbled across the eccentric Jonas Frederiksen.

“We are big fans of Speculator.  Simple as that.  His radio show is often on in the office, after hours, on a Monday eve (WTBS Radio), and we dig/support his label W.T. Records.  Also, he’s been around in Amsterdam a few times the past years.  On hearing the music he made on a 12 string guitar + drum machine, and other bits sampling native American records.we just made it happen!  He’s a fun guy to work with, and Marion Guillet was generous with her artwork contribution too. Very happy it worked out.”

““Jonas Frederiksen was in a great band called Girlseeker from Copenhagen. We like that band.  Stenz Quo (exceptionally talented designer of a few No ‘Label’ releases) then passed a CDR of Jonas’s solo ‘Rap Album’  and another love affair was born. Again, it had to come out. Special music.”

Here’s Jonas Doing It Live:

More info on Black Deer – ‘Trail of Tears’

More info on Jonas Frederiksen – ‘Toekomstje’

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– > First of all we like to thank everyone who supported us in 2013 !!

It’s been a crazy and inspiring year, with approximately 10 releases on the main label,  the launch of our store-only platform and the releases on our sub-labels and the reissue series …

For Beatport we did a Best Of 2013-list. With releases that you have found on vinyl, and some Beatport exclusives as well that you can download there.

Click on the pic to find out!

Rush Hour Bets Of 2013

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Trouw Amsterdam
23 Nov 2013

Sadar Bahar (Soul in the Hole, Chicago), Tom Trago (Voyage Direct, Rush Hour, Amsterdam), Antal (Rush Hour, Amsterdam), Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S., New York), Svengalighost (L.I.E.S., Chicago), Marcos Cabral (L.I.E.S., Runaway, New York), Terekke (L.I.E.S., New York), Kyle Hall & Jay Daniel (Fundamentals, Detroit), Traxx (Nation, L.I.E.S, Chicago), Young Marco (ESP Institute, Amsterdam), Interstellar Funk (Voyage Direct, Amsterdam), Elias Mazian (Barre Tijden, Amsterdam)

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house of music

We have just published our own magazine! The first volume is out now! Incl. interviews with Charles Manier, Willie Burns, Tom Trago, Xosar & The Burrel Brothers. You can pick up your FREE copy via the Rush Hour store or order it online…

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During Amsterdam Dance Event  Rush Hour will organize several in stores parties with guests such as NY label L.I.E.S., Chez Damier, FunkinEven, Hunee, San Proper and others. All the shows will start at 18:00 in the Rush Hour store on Spuistraat 98.

If you happen to be near, swing by….
Otherwise it will be broadcasted live via


Wed 16th Oct Instore w/ FunkinEven & San Proper
Thu 17th Oct Instore w/ Hunee, Inkswel & Kid Sublime
Fri 18th Oct L.I.E.S. takeover!
Sat 19th Oct w/ Chez Damier and Maxi Mill

For more info check:

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SA23NOV / Trouw Amsterdam
All Night, All Day and All Night Long

Sadar Bahar (Soul in the Hole, Chicago)
Tom Trago (Voyage Direct, Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Antal (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)

Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S., New York)
Svengalighost LIVE (L.I.E.S., Chicago)
Marcos Cabral (L.I.E.S., Runaway, New York)
Terekke (L.I.E.S., New York)

€8 before midnight

All Night, All Day and All Night Long

Kyle Hall & Jay Daniel back-to-back (Fundamentals, Detroit)
Traxx (Nation, L.I.E.S, Chicago)
Young Marco (ESP Institute, Amsterdam)
Interstellar Funk (Voyage Direct, Amsterdam)
Elias Mazian (Barre Tijden, Amsterdam)

€8 before 12.00 (valid from 08:00 – 12:00)

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Here we go! Tom Trago “True Friends” video from his forthcoming album The Light Fantastic, now online at VEVO…feat San Proper and Breach..

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More tracks selected by the Running Back head honcho, Gerd Janson, for our continuing Music For Autobahns series. This 12″ includes tracks previously only on the CD release plus some exclusives…varied and roadworthy electronics that can also be used in cycle lanes and footpaths…

We commissioned Gerd Janson for a collection that starts where previous compilations left off. While Computer Incarnations for World Peace (his compilations for Sonar Kollektiv) concentrated on tipsy new wave music done by jazz-funkers or neo disco-ists, Autobahns has an unintentionally strong leaning towards ambient not-ambient, kraut pleasers and codeine house, i.e. Industrial Ambient and Electrifying New Age. It’s all new and exclusive material by people who have crossed paths with the compiler at one time or another.

This sometimes unlikely gathering is hopefully unified by its non-parochial view of dance- and living-room floors, ambient noise and its effectiveness as a soundtrack to long rides up and down the Autobahn.


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